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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled cleaning services to our clients, placing emphasis on health, safety, and environmental sustainability. Through innovative approaches and unwavering commitment to high-quality standards, we strive to exceed customer expectations and satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and innovations, setting the standard for excellence in sustainability and customer satisfaction.
By pioneering innovative techniques and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we aim to transform the cleaning industry while positively impacting the health of our planet and communities.

Who We Are

GreenClean Solutions is more than just a cleaning company; it is a brand that represents a commitment to enhancing lifestyle quality through superior cleanliness that is both sustainable and effective. We are dedicated to providing innovative services that are not only beneficial to our clients' homes and offices but also advocate for healthier living spaces and a cleaner planet. With a clear strategic direction and a strong commitment to our values.


With a Project management Professional (PMP) certification, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (Quality), Community and Management Leadership and years of experience, our owner(s)/Board are dedicated to ensuring every cleaning job meets the highest standards of quality and excellence. Our business is built on a passion for eco-friendly, innovative and health safety cleaning solutions

Certification & Awards

We pride ourselves on excellence and quality, backed by industry-leading certifications. Our leadership holds Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, ensuring precise and professional project management and also Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified professionals, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and quality control. Additionally, we prioritize eco-friendly practices by using sustainable products that are safe for you and the planet.
These credentials ensure that we deliver the highest standards of service. Experience the professional difference with GreenClean Solutions.
Contact us today for quality and environmentally conscious cleaning services.

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