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Employment Application

At GreenClean Solutions, we recruit skilled professionals dedicated to upholding our values of quality and sustainability. We prioritize the growth of our employees and provide ongoing training to ensure our team members meet the high standards required for our service excellence.

Ready to join us? Submit your application to become part of our team today and let us know what makes you an ideal candidate.

Open Roles

1.General Manager / Operations Manager: GreenClean Solutions is seeking a dynamic and experienced General Manager/Operations Manager to oversee daily operations and ensure the delivery of exceptional cleaning services. This role involves managing staff, maintaining client relationships, and driving business growth through innovative strategies.

2. Cleaning Staff: GreenClean Solutions is seeking is a dedicated and detail-oriented cleaning staff member or professional to join our team. You will play a vital role in providing high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients, maintaining our core values and standard of cleanliness.

Note: All applicants will go through our screening process and background checks.

Contact us for more details on available roles. 

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